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About Us

Marketing and Distribution of Innovative Bio-Pharmaceutical Products

AMC Holdings arranges for leading U.S. researchers, academic institutions and physicians to join existing clinical trials performed by leading biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers abroad, and establish U.S. based trials for promising bio-pharmaceutical products that meet our three key criteria:

  • Address disease management for pressing healthcare needs that have proven intractable and expensive with existing treatments or protocols
  • Offer botanical or bio-pharmaceutical solutions where none exists, or as alternatives to existing medications, without the negative side effects that can affect a patient’s quality of life
  • Offer the prospect of expanding access to novel treatments with lower cost alternatives to existing drugs or protocols

Regulatory Approvals and Compliance

AMC works with researchers and healthcare providers to join existing trials, establish new trials, and secure regulatory approval from state and federal agencies.

We assist institutions and providers seeking to import, test, distribute or prescribe innovative bio-pharmaceutical products. We are committed to the highest level safety and compliance when it comes to testing, manufacturing and transferring of products to the U.S. Market.

We import MGC Pharmaceutical’s products from GMP “Pharmaceutical” Certified plants, and follow the strict U.S. FDA and U.S. DEA guidelines for importation, transportation, storage and administration of Pharmaceutical products.

Clinical Trials, Meta-Data Collection & Innovative Laboratory Solutions

Our team works with leading U.S. universities, doctors and healthcare systems who seek to join or establish Stage IIb and Stage III trials of bio-pharmaceutical products. AMC will supply ground-breaking medicines to patients whose physicians are actively participating in the meta-data gathering and analysis.

Clinical trials of MGC Pharmaceutical’s products cover 6 continents. AMC assists US researchers, clinicians and patients who wish to participate in those trials, start their own, or learn more about related studies.

AMC licenses and distributes innovative cost –saving laboratory services, and industry leading antigen tests. AMC provides antigen tests to physician offices, retailiers, healthcare facilities and public healthcare officials.

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